Nancy’s Vintage Shop is located in Marietta, Georgia. The Shop is owned and operated by an all-things-vintage enthusiast, Mrs. Nancy Joy Hartung.


Nancy’s fascination with all things vintage, as well as thrift and antiques, started when she was very young. She would rummage through her mother’s boxes of old stuff and loved to bring home knickknacks from her visits to Grandma’s house. Nancy was always intrigued by the distinctiveness of the materials and craftsmanship of the old clothes, kitchenware and home decor that she came across. With the help of many internet searches and long, reminiscent talks with her mother, Nancy started to learn more about and appreciate this “old stuff” that she soon understood to be “vintage.”

Today, Nancy has rummaged through hundreds of vintage stores throughout the mid-west and eastern states of America as well as a few, pretty awesome vintage and antique shops in Tokyo, Japan and San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is excited to share her passion for vintage within her own little shop in the East Cobb area of Georgia.

Within Nancy’s Vintage Shop are unique vintage apparel and collectibles. Both, spanning from the 1950s to the ’90s, can be enjoyed by men and women, teens to adults.


Guests of the Shop can put together a complete and fashionable ensemble of vintage jewelry, hats, sunglasses and belts or add hints of old-school flare to a newer or contemporary wardrobe. The Shop’s vintage clothes are excellent for costume parties and other themed affairs. Atlanta’s Hollywood stylists, that are in search of clothing and accessories of a specific era, should peruse the Shop as well, for movie, television show and other shoots.

For the vintage collector or home decorator, Nancy’s Vintage Shop offers vintage toys, dishware, kitschy figurines, housewares, vinyl albums, wall hangings, small furniture and more.

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Vintage Clothing & Collectibles for Everyone!